Woolite Carpet Oxy Deep Power Shot

Woolite Carpet Pet Stain & Odor + Oxy Spray

  • $4.7222 fl oz
The Woolite Carpet Pet Stain Remover Spray Removes Tough Stains & Odors
  • Permanently removes tough set-in stains
  • Pherobloc® technology discourages pets from re-soiling in the same spot
  • Leaves a long-lasting, fresh clean scent


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What should Pet + Oxygen be used on?

Pet Stain & Odor Remover is good to use on odors and stains associated with pet accidents such as: urine, feces, vomit and other water based (non pet related) stains.

Is Pet Stain & Odor Remover safe to use on upholstery?

It is safe for most upholstery that may be cleaned with a water based solution. Test for colorfastness first before applying. Please note: Be careful not to saturate the area by overspraying. Be sure to check cleanability tags on furniture.