Frieze Carpet Cleaning Tips

Frieze carpet is a cut pile carpet made with lightly twisted fibers. Its construction gives it an informal look and a bouncy, resilient feel. This type of carpet is taller than most traditional cut pile carpets, but shorter than shag carpet.

Frieze carpet is often purchased for its soft, luxurious feel on bare feet. Its informal look also hides footprints, dirt and matting much easier than other types of carpets. In fact, most types of frieze carpeting will not permanently mat unless they hold heavy furniture for a long period of time.

Since frieze carpet is a cut pile carpet, you will clean it like you would a traditional cut pile carpet. This type of flooring is usually the easiest to clean since it does not have small loops that trap dirt and debris. Vacuum high-traffic areas once every other day, clean low-traffic areas at least once a week, and pass over each area of carpet at least four times with each cleaning.

Even though frieze carpet is easy to clean and hides dirt well, it should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. The carpet may not look like it needs to be cleaned, but professional cleaning is the only thing that can remove the deep-down dirt that wears down carpet down over time.

Vacuum cleaners that work the best on frieze carpet use a beater bar. A beater bar is a rotating bar with brushes that agitates the carpet, coaxing loose dirt from the fibers. For the beater bar to work best, your vacuum should be adjusted to the right height. Since frieze carpet has a high pile, you’ll probably need to adjust your vacuum to highest setting. If you don’t, your beater bar could chew up the fibers and drastically reduce the life of your carpet. If you feel resistance while vacuuming, you should adjust your vacuum higher.

Finally, consider using a carpet rake to keep your frieze carpet plush. These rakes were made for carpet with piles over an inch high like shag carpet, so they are most useful for frieze carpet with tall piles. A rake can not only help frieze carpet from becoming matted, it can also be used to loosen dirt when a beater bar is unavailable.

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